hitch a ride on a
spectacular journey

take a trip. to pure hedonistic bliss.
meet pretty people. hear seductive sounds.
don't be shy. get in. let's get going.

Spicy Pie (Or: How I Learned to Let Go and Love a Multi-Day Music Festival)

After realizing she's not cut out for the corporate world, Kinley tries to reunite her all-girl college band at a three-day music festival. As she watches her reunion plans go wildly awry, Kinley begins to question her resolve as a budding rockstar. The events of this significant weekend unfold against an unforgettable backdrop of cavity-inducing ear and eye candy at once magical and apocalyptic.

Leave the noise of the real world behind and enter an ultra high-def wonderland of cavity-inducing eye and ear candy ... grab a slice of Spicy Pie.

Spicy Pie


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